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person(s) burning bud and still being a success.

"Everybody’s nervous the first time. But then you learn to love it, right?"




It’s so fucked when you lose your glasses like you need them to see so how are you supposed to look for them cause you can’t see shit

you do realize that people don’t turn blind when they don’t have glasses on right? Everything is just a little blurry

Yes thank you I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years I know how it is when I can’t find mine which is why I made this post


i really enjoy when you tell people stories or happenstances and they react the exact same way you did and you’re like yES THANK YOU WHAT THE FUCK AM I RIGHT and it’s sO VALIDATING because what you thought were silly perspectives or emotions aRE JUST NORMAL AND HUMAN and YOU ACTUALLY AREN’T CRAZY FOR THINKING THAT


I hope not

Sloths do not know even 1 thing



*heavy breathing*

In which Marvel is more amazing day by day.


You came to the right neighbourhood, new best friend!


You came to the right neighbourhood, new best friend!

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Bad thing about a writer's mind
6am: Oh what a wonderful dream to wake up from. Now I'll give you five story ideas.
1am: You're tired? Well I'm sorry but I must keep these ideas coming until it's almost 4am and you're dozing off on your computer/notebook.
Shower: I know how you can solve this plot hole.... with this scene.
In a store: That person over there looks like OC... oh! This gives me an idea! Who cares if you have nothing to write it down with.
At a party: Wow... here's a great way to word that scene you can't get down. Too bad in five minutes you won't remember much more than two sentences. From different paragraphs.
Timed test: You know what would be great? Instead of this happening, this happens and I am so glad this brilliant idea makes you want to write and not focus on this geometry question!
While writing at a decent time: Yeah, I got nothing.